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Ask us a question about writing and English grammar

If you have a question about English grammar, writing, or style, send it to us!  An expert in English grammar and writing will be assigned to answer your question.  The cost is just $5.00 (US).  Click the button below to begin. 

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Questions and Answers

Why do you charge $5.00 to answer my question?  We get tons of questions each day.  We simply cannot answer all of the questions we receive.  In order to help pay the costs of hiring an expert staff, we must charge for this service.  Additionally, Google.com recently introduced a very similar service.  They charge up to $100 to answer questions.  Moreover, you have to wait for someone to accept your price offer.  This can take a lot of time.  We will give you an answer within 48 hours--guaranteed!

How do I pay?  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  If you don't have a credit card, you can pay by e-check too.

Besides the $5.00, are there any other fees?  No.

Do you offer any discounts?  Yes.  You can buy a prepaid certificate.  You can save up to 10%!  To purchase a prepaid certificate, click here.

Why should I buy a prepaid certificate?  First, you can save money.  Second, we will give you an account number.  When you send us a question, you just type in your account number.  The cost is deducted from your account.  Therefore, you do not need to pay with a credit card, which also saves you time.

How do I send you a question? 

  1. You go to the "submit a question" page. 
  2. You type in your question. 
  3. Questions cannot exceed 250 characters (a space equals one character). 
  4. If you have any example of the problem, you send it to us as well. 
  5. Click submit.
  6. You pay with a credit card, e-check, or prepaid certificate account number.
  7. Sit back and relax.  We will send you an answer within 48 hours--guaranteed!

What kind of questions do you answer?  All questions that are related to English grammar, style, punctuation, phrases, terminology, ideas, logic, and more.  Questions can be about all forms of writing, including reports, homework, essays, books, manuscripts, resumes, cover letters, and more. 

What if my question is complicated and the answer may be long, or I need a list?  Email us at ask@myenglishteacher.net.  We will give you an estimate of the price.  There is no obligation.

What happens if you cannot answer my question?  If we cannot answer your question, we will give you a 100% refund or 100% credit for another (future) question.  You decide and tell us.  No questions asked.  MyEnglishTeacher.net reserves the right to refuse to answer a question.  Again, if we do not answer the question, you get a 100% refund.

Can I ask more than 1 question if the questions are really short?  No.  We answer only one question per submission.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send us only 1 question at a time, or your answer may be delayed.

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