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Dictionary and Thesaurus

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Download our very own desktop toolbar.  This puts MyEnglishTeacher.net's most important features right at your fingertips.  If you need to look up a word, just click a button.  If you need to check your grammar, just click a button.  Click here to download the toolbar now.

A FREE Desktop Dictionary

FREE Translation Machine
Would you like a FREE dictionary?  You do NOT need to be connected to the Internet to use this dictionary.  Just type in a word.  It will give you a definition and synonyms.  This dictionary is brought to you courtesy of x-word.com

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free translation machine

If you need a FREE device that will translate your writing into and from about 10 languages, click here!  It works RIGHT NOW!  (Did we mention it's free?)

FREE Grammar Lessons

FREE Vocabulary Tools

Our writing lessons are free and terrific too!  If you haven't signed up for our lessons yet, click here.

Another great site (DailyGrammar.com) will send you a simple grammar lesson every day.  These lessons are very clear and are suitable for everyone ages 10 to 110.  To sign up or get more information about Daily Grammar, click here.

Do you need a very complete dictionary?  We have one for you.  This Internet dictionary gives you definitions, example sentences, pronunciation, language learning tools, and so much more.  They will even send you one word a day to learn and build your vocabulary.  Dictionary.com is one of our favorite sites anywhere on the Web.  Visit them now.  Click here!

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